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Kansas, Dregs, Proto-Kaw - Prog Radio Show

The Point Of No Return, with Steve Cozart  ---  Wednesdays 8PM - 11PM Pacific time

Amazing compositions, beautiful violin, dynamic rhythm section, hard-edged guitar and soaring vocals might begin to describe the band Kansas. Since their first album in 1974 to present day, Kansas has produced some of the most original and memorable “prog” music in the genre. You’ll hear sweeping epics, classical opuses, a touch of bluegrass, jazz influences and some hard-driving guitar work during each show. Of course, you’ll hear the famous “Carry On (My Wayward Son)”, “Dust In The Wind” and the namesake for this show, “Point Of Know Return”- but be prepared to experience much more than you’d expect. You’ll get live performances, alternate recordings, unreleased tracks and of course, a ton of music from Kansas-related artists and bands like The Dixie Dregs, Proto-Kaw, Kerry Livgren, Seventh Key, Steve Walsh, Explorer’s Club, Trent Gardner, Magellan, AD, Zappa and many more. You’ll also get hear the “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” portion of the show, when Steve plays a wildcard set that has nothing at all to do with Kansas. Send in those requests, folks! How will your senses take all this in? Tune in and find out!

About Steve:
As a child growing up in the 70’s, Steve Cozart was witness to the incredible musical styles on the airwaves at the time. The diverse musical forms of British, Pop, Folk, Acid, Blues, Contemporary and early Heavy Metal bands were dominating the charts. Steve was drawn toward the more textured, complex and technically-oriented music, appreciating the skill, flow and imagination it demonstrated. In the mid-seventies, bands like Styx, Rush, Jethro Tull, David Bowie, The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd had his attention, but when he first heard “Lonely Wind” by Kansas, he had to hear more. He’s been a fan ever since, and has this to say about being a DJ on DLBN. “When I was a kid, I would put my speakers up in my window and play records for the kids in the neighborhood. I’d hold contests and take requests to really involve my audience. My show became so popular that it became a regular gig, even attracting some of my friends’ parents to come listen. I love to share the music that I am so passionate about, so broadcasting on the DLBN will be as rewarding for me as I hope it is for my listeners.”

Point Of No Return Playlist - 02.22.06, Show #40

Welcome to the PONR broadcast on the DLBN!!

Big Show #40 was a great time! I have upgraded my studio with new mics, mixer and board so the sound was crisper, according to those who were present. Speaking of those in chat…the room was a buzzin’ with “FOOD PORN”. Apparently that’s the term for describing ones culinary skills, menu and dishes in great detail in the room…while the rest of us drool. Thanks DaveP!

During “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”, I played a long double-shot set of Karmakanic and the beautiful sounds of Locanda delle Fate, from Italy. If you haven’t heard this great music, be sure to download the archive. It will be up for only this week. There were a ton of requests sent this week, so I played as many as I could. Keep ‘em comin!

SHOW #40 A Milestone!

Thanks again for all your support and emails!

Stream or download the archive and then email me with requests or questions, comments, etc! 
I always read your request on the air!

Show Site:

PONR Show Intro <3.58>
1. Kansas – We’re Not Alone Anymore <4.13>
2. Kansas – Relentless <4.56>
3. Kansas – Point Of Know Return <3.09>
4. Steve Morse Band – On The Pipe <4.48>
5. Kansas – Child Of Innocence <4.38>
6. Kansas - Death Of Mother Nature Suite <7.43>
7. Kansas – The Pinnacle <9.33>
8. Kansas – Stay Out Of Trouble <4.12>
9. Kansas – Miracles Out Of Nowhere (Live) <6.47>


" We're Not In Kansas Anymore" Intro

10. Karmakanic – Do U Tango? <8.16>
11. Karmakanic – Where Earth Meets The Sky <12.59>
12. Locanda delle Fate – A Volte un Instante di Quiete <6.32>
13. Locanda delle Fate – Profumo di Colla Bianca <8.26>
14. Elbow – Newborn <7.36> - for Jeff M
15. The Faces – Ooh La La <3.28> - for Laurel
16. Porcupine Tree – She’s Moved On <5.00> - for Erik


17. Kansas – Lonely Street <5.40>
18. Proto Kaw – When The Rains Come <4.21> - for Glenn
19. Kymera – Without Warning <3.21>
20. Kansas - Look At The Time <5.37> - for GuyManDude
21. Kerry Livgren – Children Of The Shadows <4.53>
22. Kansas – Inside Of Me <4.36>
23. Kansas – Borderline <4.01>
24. Kansas – Excerpts From Lamplight Symphony (Live) <2.39>
25. Kansas – The Wall (Live) <4.49>
26. Kansas – Nobody’s Home <4.37>
27. Kansas - What’s On My Mind <3.28>

Carry On!


Point Of No Return - Wednesdays 8PM-11PM PST (11:00PM - 2AM EST)
Show Site:

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