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Robby Leaves Kansas

I guess as the years roll on, this was bound to happen. Best wishes for all parties concerned.


Wait Until Tomorrow - Steve Walsh's Newsletter

March 27th 2006

Kansas has had some good years and some not so good years. Projects
that should've sold lots, and some that shouldn't have. But one thing is for
sure. We are deeper than the 3 albums we consistenly draw from. We have
gone through a big change here. And in my mind it has been one of the
most difficult things we've ever had to do. We have parted ways with
our original violinist/singer, Robby. I'd like to say it was pleasant, and
friendly. But I was in such turmoil at the time, I didn't really know
who was my friend, and who wasn't. I really don't want to publish the
details. I just want everyone to know that this change-this metamorphosis will
make us stronger and better because we will survive
it. We care about our legacy and our music, our friends, and yes, it's
the way we make a living, and we don't want that to go away either. So,
please come and see us. We're gonna be fucking great.... Steve Walsh
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