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Point Of No Return Playlist - 05.10.06, Show #51!!

Point Of No Return Playlist - 05.10.06, Show #51!!

Welcome to the PONR broadcast on DLBN!!

Well, last week's show was "The Perfect Storm" of Internet radio.
The show was rockin', the crowd was diggin' it….then WHOOSH~~ the
mighty Comcast took it all away by cutting off 2/3rds into my show!!
Not to fear my fellow "non-fleevers"....I have finished the show
from the "Point Of No Return" --pun intended. I spiced the live show
with a pre-recorded last third….and even EXTENDED it to about 4

You'll hear the EPIC live version of "Lamb "Lies Down On Broadway"
by Kevin Gilbert &'ll hear new Polish Prog band
sensation,'ll hear your humble and loveable host
curse the ever-living gods of TCP/IP as their wrath infringes on the
show's "We're Not In Kansas Anymore" segment.

Oh...and I also blew out my Playlist, so each tune will be an Easter
Egg of sorts!
ALMOST FORGOT....don't forget to mark your calendars...Weds May 24th
marks the One Year Anniversary of PONR!!! I'll be joined by Cozywife
on the mic for special segments, roll calls, guests and lots of fun!

Be there - or be....Un-PROG!! ..uh...yeah...

Download or Stream the show! You'll love it!!

Send in those requests!

Carry On!


Point Of No Return - Wednesdays 8PM-11PM PST (11:00PM - 2AM EST)
Show Site:
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